Startup Weekend Global Fashion Battle Poland

Friday, January 13 – 15, 2017
Event starts at 6:30 pm

Stary Browar Słodownia +1
Półwiejska 42
Poznań, Poland 61-888


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About The Event

Global Fashion Battle is a global competition and incubation programme for fashion/tech startups. It helps foster collaboration between developers, creatives, industry insiders and other entrepreneurial individuals and is aiming to bridge the gap between technology and creative hubs around the world.

You probably all know the Startup Weekend formula by now. You’ve got 54 hours in order to create a startup from a scratch. Everyone can pitch their own idea for a business, the ones that people show most interest in get developed. Groups form around the ideas so don’t worry if you’ve got no one to team up with when you sign up; there’s always a big chance you’re going to find a great mind that thinks just like you.

And then off you go. You’ve got just a bit over two days to create a viable business model, design your idea, code the website/app, and do some market validation. You can’t slack either. The event ends with Demos in front of seasoned entrepreneurs; they’re a chance for you to show off your cool project as well as get some constructive criticism to make your project better.

However, this event is slightly different from other Startup Weekend events. It’s global. There will be a few events on four continents. The winning teams will have possibility to get some online mentoring from entrepreneurs from all over the world and, cooler still, take part in workshops held in NY.

So, if you’re interested in fashion and would like to try your strength in the business, hop in. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a background in graphic design, developing or you’re just a fashion enthusiast. Everyone is welcome.

The tickets are available here for 99 PLN per person.