Probably I’m not the only one who absolutely loathes having to call a hairdresser’s or a doctor’s office to make an appoitment. I imagine it might be the same on the other side; if you’re in the middle of work, you don’t want to pick up your phone every five minutes it rings. Calling everyone back takes time, too, and it’s your free time you’re sacrificing. Grzegorz Majewski from nakiedy is there to offer you some help. Nakiedy is a simple and intuitive online booking system for businesses.

Grzegorz Majewski has had 14 years of experience in IT and mobile marketing. He’s worked on a bunch of cool projects: he’s the co-founder of WoofWoof Interactive, Managing Director in SEMtec, and Project Manager at Engine just to name a few. His latest project is just as cool.

“Nakiedy was a challenge whether I’d be able to create a functional and profitable system in 30 days. I decided on booking system because while aggregators such as or appear, there are few good solutions for businesses who don’t want to combine their bookings with large aggregators,” said Majewski.

And that’s exactly what Majewski did. He didn’t look for any sponsors and so nakiedy is bootstrapping, and they’re doing pretty well. Majewski’s motto was “do it yourself, and if you can’t – learn how” and it proved effective. His only real expenses were $40 for the website and video and a bottle of Jim Bean for the administrator to primary server’s configuration. And it definitely paid off: nakiedy has been bringing money right from the start. At the moment they’ve got approximately 50 paying customers and 5.000 bookings a month and they’ve noted 100% growth.

What exactly is nakiedy? It’s a small and easy to use online booking system. From the customer’s point of view, it’s a booking tool which allows them to book a visit whenever they want from wherever they want. You’re on vacation? You can add your or your worker’s days off. At the same time, just because you’re not in, it doesn’t mean your clients can make bookings for when you get back. Do you have that one client who keeps forgetting their appointment? They’ll get automatic reminders on their emails and mobiles. What’s more, you can also access all the client info and check your business’s stats and reports.

What makes nakiedy attractive it’s that they’re very easy to integrate in your own website, WordPress or even your Facebook account. It’s built in Responsive Web Design tech, which means it works across all mobile devices, so your clients can make their bookings from a mobile phone or a tablet.

You can try them out for free. The plans range from 31-71 PLN ($7,40 – 17) per month, depending on your needs.

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