Sometimes when you’re tired, you may want to rest your eyes but at the same time you want to read that interesting article online you’ve just found. Or perhaps you’re just rushing to work or driving your car and you just can’t look at your phone right now. Share to Speech by Labsii, a text to speech app, comes to the rescue.

It was created by Ivan Icin. He has formal education in marketing but has been hacking for more than a decade. His Belgrade-based startup, Labsii, has a successful product Share to Speech that is among top 50 paid apps on Windows Store. He also wants to replicate the success on App Store by releasing Speech Central, the first app that lets you to interactively browse the web news on the go.

The project had started two years ago with building Share to Speech for Windows Store for a regional competition where it won its first award. It was the only app that could turn the web page into speech in just two clicks. Speech Central, its iOS version, is an upgrade of this project and brings interactivity to a higher level.

You can use Share to Speech on your laptop or mobile as long as you have Windows. You can listen to any content posted online; you can simply play it, schedule it to the speech list. If you don’t have an Android, you can still export whatever you want to listen to as an MP3 and send it to your phone. All that takes just seconds.

Labsii is continually enhancing their apps. Speech Central makes the experience even more interactive.

“Some apps do handle web text to speech, but they are all limited to a single previously prepared link acquired from somewhere. If you want more than that you have to use the screen. Speech Central frees user completely from using the screen. You can listen to the headlines from multiple websites, choose articles you want to listen to after that and even listen to the links you’ve submitted to listen later all of that with using only audio commands on the headphones or the Bluetooth hands-free,” Ivan Icin says.

Labsii is still bootstrapping. They’ve got over 5,000 paid users on the Windows Store. When there was a promo and the app was free for one day, it got more than 7,000 downloads. If you want to check it out, Share to Speech lite version is free on Windows Store and Speech Central is available at App Store.

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