is a platform for all wishing to increase the intellectual capacity of their brain. According to the “learning through play” principle, you can now train your mind while playing computer games.  Even though they appear to be uncomplicated entertainment tools, there is a team of neuroscientists and programmers behind them who make sure that your brain is stimulated properly at every step.

The idea for was born in 2012, when the founder Olaf Furmanek first read about computer games serving as intellectual training tools. These games have a scientific basis and a real influence on cognitive functions of the brain. He began working on this project in May 2012 together with Anna Wieczorek-Taraday, a PhD student at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. They were joined by an experienced developer and engineer Sławomir Łukasiewicz. Furmanek himself is an economist with almost 20 years of experience in management and marketing.

Access to the platform requires a fee (except for a 5-day trial version). There are four types of training available: memory, concentration, reaction speed and logical thinking. suggests the best games for each individual user and tracks his progress. This platform is targeted mostly to adults, who wish to keep increasing their intellectual potential and prevent brain aging symptoms such as dementia.

The team funded their project without help from external investors. At this stage, they achieved a positive cash flow – the net revenue in 2015 reached 540k zł (about 120k euro). Currently the website has over 60 thousand registered users.

The field of brain training is still relatively new and gives a lot of opportunities for development. As is the only active project of this type in Poland, it draws a lot of attention. The company already cooperates with Benefitsystems, allowing the holders of Multisport card to use their platform.  They also realize projects in cooperation with multiple research units and the Education Office in Warsaw, including a research project for seniors Fitness Dla Mózgu (Brain Fitness).