How often do you go to a restaurant and it turns out you can’t split your bill? One of you settles the bill and then the long process of counting who owes how much takes place. Then bugging people on Messenger or texting them, which may make you feel bad. What if there was an app that could do all that for you? Piece of Cake will help you take care of all that: it’ll split your bills for you and message your friends about it.

Paweł Kunicki developed the idea for the startup with Michał Kąkol, the startups mentor. After some brainstorming and redefining the idea, they decided on creating Piece of Cake. Along the way, a competent team was created; every one brings something new knowledge.

Piece of Cake is an app which will help you easily split bills with your friends in the real time. You can use the app in any place or time and you can immediately get payback from your friends or coworkers. You save time, money and don’t endanger your friendships, because you will never have to remind anyone about paying you.

They realise that the competition is huge but they’re not afraid of it. They’re making the app as attractive as it can be; it’s going to have more functions than all existing apps. You won’t have to input the info manually but scan the bills; the app will do the whole process of analysing the bill and putting in the data. Then, after assigning who’s ordered what, the app messages everyone with a link to the payment.

“There’s over a dozen apps like that. Only 3 of them got users. However, all of them have some cons. We’ve spoken to the users and they’ve told us what they’d like to change or what’s missing. most apps require putting in the payments manually, we’re going to use a scanner. When it comes to integrated payments out of our biggest competitors, Venmo and Splitwise, only Venmo provides such a solution and it’s not available in Poland or most of Europe,” says the founder, Paweł Kunicki.

The process is going to be seamless and as easy as possible. That means that the app won’t just serve as a tool to input the bills. You won’t even have to leave the app to pay someone back as it’ll have the integrated payment system. The interface is going to be as practical and intuitive as it can be.

“We placed second on the Startup Weekend Warsaw Fintech and won Mentor’s Award. We’re in the final step of acceleration program called ‘Platforma Connect’ and in the MITEF Poland Fintech. We’re also in the finals of Startup Poland Global. We validated and analysed our idea with many companies from fintech e.g VISA, PKO Bank, BLIK, PayU, Credit Agricole,” says Piotr Kunicki.

They’re bootstrapping and looking for investors. They’ve already started a viral marketing campaign and reached over 50,000 people. The potential user base is enormous because it can make not only millennials’ lives easier but practically everyone’s.

At the moment the app is still a prototype and the planned release date is May 2017.