Even if you don’t realize that, public speaking is a substantial part of your life. Even the most ordinary interactions require some form of presenting your ideas. Public speaking gets increasingly important if you need to make a speech or presentation at your office or some kind of conference. And if you’re an event organizer, the challenge of finding good speakers is probably your chief concern. Spice Speakers Bureau (Biuro Mówców Spice) is a Polish startup that aims to help you with all of these problems.

“In Poland, the most popular trend is to reach out to speakers directly – either the ones you know, the ones you’ve heard of or the ones who come to you,” said Michał Kasprzyk, the founder and CEO of Spice Speakers Bureau. These solutions, even though time-saving, definitely hinder the ability of finding a speaker who is best suited to a specific conference topic. This is where Kasprzyk comes in, connecting speakers with companies that need them.

His company offers a lot of various services. First of all, Kasprzyk can find the best speaker for any conference, take care of all the formalities and logistics and rehearse with her. He also speaks at events and moderates the discussions himself. Additionally, he targets individuals with his one-on-one coaching sessions and offers help with the preparation of presentations and conference talks (or, like for one of his clients, of a wedding toast). To top it all off, he organizes public speaking trainings for groups, especially for companies.

Kasprzyk has been involved in public speaking for the last several years. His adventure started in 2011 with organizing and hosting TEDx Wrocław events – conferences licensed by TED about Ideas Worth Spreading. Since then, he has become a soft-skill trainer, regularly coaching speakers (for example for Impact CEE Congress), hosting events (such as European Start-up Days) and speaking at them.

Spice Speakers Bureau was officially founded in August 2016. Since then, Kasprzyk focuses on growing his business by creating a network of speakers and companies who are willing to cooperate with him.  He considers founding this company his dream job. As he says, “I can help people who are good at other things to share their knowledge and passion through public speaking – because that’s what I am good at.”