The main objective of all businesses – including startups – is to bring profit. We have seen many cases where the initial idea was set aside, because it wasn’t promising for investors. This is why it’s so uplifting to see startups that are not commercial, but set out with a simple yet powerful cause: to make the world a better place. HospiCare is one of these projects. It is an application that makes the work of home hospices easier and more organized.

The idea of HospiCare was created by Eliza Kugler, mother of Alicja – an incurably ill girl. She has been taking care of her daughter since 2002 and knows the daily hardships of hospice workers and parents like her. “The team that takes care of Alicja consists of more than ten specialists,” said Kugler. “Communication is the key issue here – I make hundreds of calls and messages a day. Dozens of notes turn into piles of paper lying around the house. I have been searching for a way to make our lives easier for years.”

HospiCare is an application that gathers all data about the patient in one place. It can be accessed online by all involved in daily care – parents, doctors, nurses and other specialists. The app is created in cooperation with hospice workers and parents of ill children to make sure that it responds to actual needs.

The most important functions of the application include access to all recent results of medical examinations, and daily updates – for example regarding medications intake. The app also provides you with interactive schedules of specialists’ visits and enables saving all kinds of notes, including scans and photos of examination results.

All these functions make taking care of a sick person much simpler than before. Communication gets easier and more reliable. Doctors in hospices can access all medical documentation of the patient at any time, from any place, what makes data analysis possible in cases of emergency.  All caregivers can react faster to any changes of the patient’s condition.

HospiCare is, as planned from the start, a noncommercial project. The application will be free for home hospices. Because of this assumption it is difficult for the team to acquire funding. Nevertheless, the company has already obtained help from Deloitte, Sage, Billander Group, Recamp and Gdańska Fundacja Przedsiębiorczości. It is also supported by a few different law firms, foundation Polaku Pomagaj and crowdfunding platform Polak Potrafi. HospiCare will conduct an inauguration fundraising campaign on their new portal.

HospiCare is now one of the top-rated startups in Poland. It was recognized in the finals of multiple competitions, including the Starter Rocker acceleration program. It is one of the best 12 startups in Poland according to the Seedstars contest, as well as a finalist of medical startup competition Vertical VC in Finland.

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