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City-Nav has sold almost 70% shares to Onet-RAS Group Poland. The founders, Artur Szychta, Mikołaj Grajek and Bartosz Burek, retain the remaining 30% and they’re still members of the Board. is the app you check in Poland whenever you have to commute. It’s like checking transit directions on Google Maps, only with much more accurate info and more possible routes. You can decide whether you prefer to get somewhere ASAP or don’t want to change buses. Your journey can be as personalised as possible.

The project started 6 years ago as a part of the founders’ university dissertation and its uses were much more limited. By now it’s grown to become the app you check to commute efficiently. Right now, it operates in most large cities in Poland and it’s got all the timetables for the public transport. It makes lives of millions of Poles easier and the commute as easy as it might possibly get. All the info is up to date so no roadworks will ever take you by surprise. What’s more, the information is in real time so you’ll know about any possible delays to be able to modify your journey.

“We’re getting closer to our goal: our presence on everyone’s smartphone in the country [in Poland]. Adding app to our mobile app portfolio will provide our advertising partners with attractive new options and will make us a preferable partner when it comes to mobile advertising campaigns,” says Jovan Protic, COO Grupy Onet-RAS Polska.

Even though started out small, it’s not small anymore. It’s available in every web browser, for Android and iOS devices. It’s already got over 3 million unique users monthly and reaches over 52 million page views. It’s being updated regularly with new cool features so it’s no surprise it draws new people in.

“We’ve made it and we’re really happy. With such a partner we’ll be able to expand and offer our users even better services definitely faster,” says Bartek Burek, CEO jakdojade.