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Everyone prefers to stay in on some nights and get their food delivered straight home. More restaurants then ever will be available on, a Polish online food ordering service, now has a fleet of bike couriers. Right now they’re operating in the Warsaw city centre but if all goes well, the eco-friendly delivery option will be available in more cities.

Up until recently, a restaurant needed to take care of their own deliveries, which made it impossible for some to sell their food on the Internet. The costs of hiring a courier and providing them with a car were sometimes too steep to be able to provide deliveries. Since last month they can use the delivery services provided by Hopefully, it’ll mean that more restaurants than before will be available there and you’ll be able to get the food from your favourite restaurant without having to go out.

“We’re starting with just a small number of popular Warsaw venues but we’re going to implement our solution on a wider scale. By the end of the first quarter 2017 we’ll have five times more bikes in use,” says Piotr Czajkowski, Co-Founder & Country Manager Poland at

To make the service more attractive e-bike deliveries are for free, no matter the size of your order. Whether you get just a piece of cake or a whole meal, you’ll never have to pay a penny. delivery men operate every day between 3 pm and 9 pm and delivery times shouldn’t take more than 25 minutes. After all, the couriers aren’t going to be held up by heavy traffic. The initial testing proved that bikes were the best and fastest means of delivery transport in Warsaw; besides being immune to traffic, there’s also no problem with parking.

The orange bikes aren’t just regular bikes either. They’ve been designed in the Netherlands and they’re both ecological and functional. They all have electric engines so that they’re faster. One charge lasts for 80 km, which is enough for a day’s work of a delivery man. After work, it’s enough to plug the battery to an ordinary  outlet to charge it. E-bikes, unlike electric cars, don’t need special charging stations.