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VoiceLab, a Gdańsk-based startup, helps businesses all around the world employ new sound recognition tech to make your company as successful as possible.

The founders are Tomasz Szwelnik and Marcin Kuropatwiński.

The beginnings of the VoiceLab consisted of many years of research and experiments. VoiceLab is a laureate of the Innovater competition organised by the Foundation for Higher Learning in Poland. They’ve grown organically from there, developing new products to have a broader and more specified brand. They’ve received a gold medal at the Inpex Fair 2013 in the US and a bronze medal at the Inst 2013 Fair in Taipei.

VoiceLab implements four important technologies in their products depending on the needs: biometrics, speech recognition, speech analytics, and noise reduction. The latter enhances voice quality, eliminating the unwanted background noise.

Biometrics recognise your voice thanks to unique voice traits everyone has. It can be used to log into, for example, your banking account instead of a password.

Speech recognition means that AI can recognise your voice commands so that you don’t have to use your phone keyboard. You can check out the state of your bank account or make a doctor’s appointment without actually talking to a consultant.

Speech analytics give you an opportunity to analyse audio recordings. Using a key word previously defined by you, you can raise the quality of client care.

All these combined serve to provide software based on high accuracy speech recognition. VoiceLab provides a wide range of products, such as Voice Automotive, VoiceTelecom or VoiceBanking just to name a few. They’ve got some very specialised products aimed at Banking, Legal, or Medical sectors.

They’re self-funded and received UE grants.