Polish startup Mutalo Group is an Africa-oriented company that plans to conquer African markets with their inexpensive energy drinks. They recognised the marketing potential in the rapidly developing African countries and hope to become the leading FMCG company there.

Mutalo Group was founded by two former managers from Rocket Internet’s Jumia Market, Tomasz Adam Nowowieyski and Kaja Suchora. They decided to set up their own venture after spending a number of years doing business across 17 African countries. Their plan is to revolutionise and conquer the energy drink market in Africa and they have already started.

“We are present in six African countries. We bring great quality products at affordable prices to developing markets. Our vision is to become a leading FMCG company in Africa and to improve competitiveness and affordability of FMCG products across African continent,” says Kasandra Biedul, Business Development Manager.

At the moment they’re operating in six African countries: Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Malawi, and Nigeria. What makes them stand out among all other distributors is that their price-quality ratio is very balanced; in Kenya one of the main problems is that most good quality drinks are overpriced, while the cheap ones are very poor. KABISA drinks are an answer to that.

KABISA drinks are not just imported drinks; they’re locally adapted and Africa-oriented. The flavours are all aimed to make the drinks tastier for the local consumers. Tropical taste, natural ingredients and competitive pricing make them a viable competitor on the market. To assure their success, they provide point of sale support and marketing support with locally-managed budget. What’s more, they launch localised campaigns to make people feel more connected to the products as they are the target audience.

Besides the Energy drinks, KABISA also comes as Orangite, Lemonite and Cola. Mutalo Group also sells Juisi Orange Juice, or if you’re more into alcoholic beverages: Rum, and Whisky canned cocktails. They’ve also launched a beauty products line Blessings Cosmetics make from top quality ingredients and sold at affordable prices.

Mutalo Group is privately owned and self-funded.