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How many times did you find yourself stressing over spring cleaning, or visiting a public office that is open until 2 pm? As the pace of our lives increases, and we tend to spend more and more time working, everyday chores are the first to get left behind. Instead of neglecting them, we can always decide to outsource them – for example to Homecierge, a Polish startup that specializes in those daily activities.

“Homecierge, unlike other similar companies, offers its services in hourly packages without any subscriptions or contracts. The customer buys a package of hours and decides when and what for to use them,” said Michał Przyłuski from Homecierge. This way, a customer can rent a one-time service or order a package of hours that can be used for any service possible.

Any service? Yes, that’s true. Homecierge motto is „Try to surprise us”, as the only limitation in what services they offer is the client’s imagination. Not only do they offer regular home management services such as cleaning, walking the dog, car washing or running errands at the post office. They also support companies, helping them in shopping, cleaning and moving to new offices, as well as manage apartments (for example, if you rent an apartment via Airbnb). All purchased hours can be freely used for whatever tasks are the priority at the moment. Homecierge employees are available 24/7, even on public holidays.

The co-founders of Homecierge have a profound experience in concierge industry. Michał Przyłuski has started working in this business in 2011 and immediately achieved the best sales results in the history of his company. Jakub Sosnowski knows everything about the industry, as he worked in virtually every possible position.  In 2014, he founded Homecierge as a company limited to one of Warsaw’s districts. Now, two years later, Homecierge is present in four main cities in Poland – Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań and Katowice – and receives approximately 500 job orders a month.

Homecierge receives extremely positive testimonials. Most clients are amazed by their professionalism and individual approach. As Przyłuski says, “our mission is to relieve our customers from everyday chores and allow them to spend more time with family and friends.” They seem to do just that – and they do it really well.