International Conference Digital Czech Republic

January 16, 2017,
13:30 – 19:00
Schebek Palace
Politických vězňů 7
110 00 Praue 1

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About The Event

If you’re going to be in Prague in a week, you should definitely attend the International Conference Digital Czech Republic, which takes place on Jan 16.

There’s going to be a discussion of different aspects of the digitalisation of Czech Republic and its impact on the country. There are going to be five different panels, some of them overlap, so you have to decide what you’re interested in beforehand. There’s a big variety of talks, so everyone should find something for themselves.

Panel A: Digitization of Payments and Economy
The discussion of the influence of digitalisation of economy in Czech Republic. Alongside with the development of fintech, people are turning away from the traditional payment methods towards new tech. The panelists are going to talk how to change people’s attitudes to digitalised payments and where Czech Republic places in comparison to other countries.

Panel B: Education 4.0. and Impact on Labour Market
The discussion of Education 4.0, the digitalisation of education and improvement of IT skills and its impact on the labour market. During the last few years the world has changed enormously and the working requirements go hand in hand with that.

Panel C: E-Mobility
This panel deals with the modern public transport and the possible implementation of digitalised transport. The main concern here is the safety of the journey and the sufficient access to information.

Panel D: Cyber Security
One of the biggest concerns of the modern world is the security. While the Internet providers us with limitless possibilities of communication and is a wonderful source of knowledge, it also poses great risks. This panel discusses the ways Cyber Security can be heightened.

Panel E: E-Health
As all sectors digitalise, it would be impossible for Health sector to stay immune. It’s already made the lives of medical workers easy but there’s still plenty to be done. The panellists are going to discuss the lack of Health Technology Assessment in Czech Republic and how further digitalisation of the health system can proceed from now on.

Between the panels there steel going to be coffee breaks to rinse your throat and make some new connections. If you’re hoping for a longer chance to do some networking, you won’t be disappointed. After the last session, there’s going to be enough time to make new acquaintances.

So if you’re interested, register for the conference here. You’ll have to sign up for specific panels, so check out full descriptions of the talks and the speakers on the events website.

Digital Czech Republic is organised by the Institute for Politics and Society in cooperation with European Liberal Forum, MasterCard, Česká spořitelna and partners.