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RightHello, a Polish startup that specializes in generating leads via cold mailing, closed the year 2016 with some pretty impressive results. With a yearly growth rate of 329% and over 500 active and returning clients in 33 countries around the world, this startup surely proves that B2B companies need and appreciate help when they’re just starting out.

The story of RightHello started in 2014, when the current CEO Piotr Zaniewicz launched a social media agency. His main problem in developing his own company was precisely the battle for customers. He decided to start a business that would help others with this problem. “We want to help B2B companies, as we believe they shouldn’t collapse only because of lack of clients,” said Zaniewicz. His marketing expertise was combined with the sales and business experience of Bartosz Majewski and developer skills of Jan Filipowski, the other two co-founders.

This platform combines smart automaton with human creativity. Users begin with specifying the profile of companies they want to approach, basing on their size, technology or geolocation. They can also browse through a database of 5 million potential clients. RightHello finds verified e-mail addresses of decision makers in each company. Then, the platform automatically creates cold e-mail templates that can be easily personalized. These emails are the biggest strength of RightHello, as they are proven to have a high conversion rate. Last but not least, the platform manages follow-ups and e-mail campaigns in a way that prevents any mistakes. In 2016 alone, RightHello organized over 1500 cold e-mailing campaigns, sending out over 200k cold e-mails.

RightHello proudly presents case studies of their clients on the website. According to this data, the open rate for e-mails sent with their platform ranges from 41% to a whopping 82%. Conversion form sent e-mails to opportunity is mostly at a level of 15%.

In August RightHello closed the third round of investment, receiving 2 mln PLN (about 450k euro) from Experior Venture Fund. All of these company’s successes bring it closer to their objective, which is “to become the best in class lead gen company in Europe.” A bold goal? Perhaps, but the team behind RightHello is ready to tackle the upcoming year head on.