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New technologies always bring new threats along. As it appears, countering these threats is a great business opportunity. Advanced Protection Systems, a Polish company, recognized the threat caused by an increasing amount of drones in the airspace. Their system SafeSky detects and neutralizes drones, day or night, in any weather conditions.

SafeSky is a multisensor system that combines proprietary radars, acoustic sensors and vision sensors. “It is the only system with three different detection sensors available on the market, and it is about ten times less expensive than our competitors’ solutions which base on military technologies,” said Radosław Piesiewicz, founder and CEO of Advanced Protection Systems. “We have developed all necessary technologies within Advanced Protection Systems. We also have control over the whole production process, what allows us to offer an effective and cost-competitive equipment.”

The hardware comes with a web application that allows users for monitoring the defined airspace, tracking multiple targets, as well as archiving the collected data. It also sends SMS and email alerts about airspace breaches. At the same time, the hardware that detects drones can take video footage and use jammers or a special purpose drone to counter the invading drones.

Advanced Protection Systems is a spin-off of SIRC (Sensing and Imaging Research Center), a company that develops technologies for silicon integrated circuits used in radars and cooperates with European Space Agency. The founders of SIRC, Radosław Piesiewicz and Maciej Klemm, gained vast experience while working on and commercializing research projects both in Poland and abroad. The third founder of Advanced Protection Systems is Michał Spychalski, an investor and business angel who supports the SafeSky system financially. Additionally, the project received a grant from National Centre for Research and Development in Poland.

Even though SafeSky is a relatively young technology – the current version was finished in June 2016 –first implementations took place only a month later. The company has conducted multiple successful demonstrations in various conditions, for example at an airport, in urban conditions or in a prison area.  These demonstrations together with presenting SafeSky on technological fairs such as TechCrunch or InterDrone resulted in an enormous interest in the project. The system is currently being installed in the first clients’ venues, including a stadium and a penitentiary institution.

Advanced Protection Systems received enough requests to create an international distribution network. They have already found partners who begin to implement SafeSky in USA, Brazil, Germany, India and Jamaica.