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If you’re an innovative startup and you’re into travelling and tourism, New Tech – Net Travel contest organised by Polish Tourism Organisation is just the thing for you. They’re looking for new hot solutions designed for tourists or tourism related businesses. Perhaps you have a tool for promoting travel agencies, hotels or venues? Perhaps you aim at tourism development? Maybe Business Project Management is your thing?

As long as you’re a young entrepreneur (your startup isn’t older than four years), you’re eligible. However, you need to have an already developed product. This competition gives advertising opportunities for startups that’s already launched their products. If you’re still in the prototype faze, you’re most likely not eligible.

What Polish Tourism Organisation has notices is that there’s sometimes a gap between the startuppers and the large businesses; they exist to right alongside but they don’t always acknowledge each other. New Tech – New Travel contest aims at bridging the gap and bringing together young startuppers and the larger companies. Startups will have a chance to present their newest ideas and they’ll have the chance to validate them. Entrepreneurs will, on the other hand, be able to say what in their opinion has potential and, more importantly, meets the current demands of the tourism market.

They’ll present new solutions that make organising your trip and travelling itself easier. After all, e-tourism may be a great help to travellers. It may make their vacation more comfortable and much better planned.

So if you’ve got an innovative tourism or travel related products, here’s your chance to shine. When submitting your project, you need to choose one of the two categories: B2B or B2C. you can’t submit to both as your application will be completely disregarded.

The winner gets professional Quadrocopter Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K in a case, with 2 batteries and a gimbal. It’s got a new 4K camera and you can take high resolution 12 MPX pictures and make full HD films 120 ftp. Startups that are rewarded in both categories will also have a chance to present their product at the Organiser’s events and launch a campaign on Organiser’s social media.

So don’t hesitate and sign up. You’ve got time till Jan 16.