ScalaCamp #10

January 24, 2017

Start at 6:30 PM

Pauza In Garden (in Małopolski Ogrod Sztuki)

Rajska 12 (entrance from Szujski Street)

Cracow, Poland

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About The Event

If you’re a programmer, you might be interested in the ScalaCamp, an event organised by VitrusLab and sponsored by Cake Solutions.

ScalaCamp is open for everyone interested in Scala programming language and related tech. There are going to be three talks and some drinks, so as always, it’s a mix of knowledge and making new acquaintances.

This camp’s speakers are Carl Pulley, Krzysztof Romanowski, and Maciej Ciolek. They’re all experienced programmers who definitely know what they’re talking about. Carl Pulley, from Cake Solutions, is a specialist in programme analysis, distributed programming and data learning. Krzysztof Romanowski is a Scala specialist from Vitrus Lab and Maciej Ciolek, the co-founder & CTO at Codeheroes, is an experienced software engineer.

Talk #1: Carl Pulley “Chaos Engineering and Runtime Monitoring of Distributed Reactive Applications”

Talk #2: Krzysztof Romanowski “Let’s speed up our compilation. Live profiling of zinc application”

Talk #3: Maciej Ciolek “Dynamic load balancing with Akka Streams”

For more information, check out the event’s website. There’s no entry fee but remember you have to sign up in order to attend.