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13th -14th January 2017

Krakowski Park Technologiczny

Podole 60

Kraków, Poland


About The Event

GameAcademy is an educational project organized by GameDesire, the leading producer of free2play games, and Digital Dragons, the largest gaming business conference in Central Europe. It is targeted to both those who just begin their adventure with game development and developers with finished products who want to launch them on the market.

The event focuses on a few different areas of game development. The core part of the conference are workshops and lectures – topics range from creativity to production management and budgeting (full agenda can be found here). All participants will have the opportunity to network with other game developers and experienced professionals, as well as with investors who will also be present at GameAcademy.

Those who have already created their games can participate in mentorship programs that concentrate on business approach. Mentors, mostly professionals from GameDesire, will gladly answer all questions and advise on monetization of the product.

GameAcademy will take place in Kraków Technology Park, a technology incubator that supports over 1500 entrepreneurships and startups.