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According to Forrester, over 60% of decision-makers have problems with creating BI dashboards or getting metrics out of them. Complexity and lack of intuitiveness of these analytic tools leads to either ineffective use or even abandoning the BI platform. Still, companies that use BI tools are 5 times more likely to make decisions much faster than the competition (Bain & Company). ORBIGO tries to make the most out of it with their lightweight, easy-to-use platform that can integrate all the data used in your firm in a matter of seconds.

The original idea behind this initiative was created by Adam Kubica, the current CTO. He has worked for a company that implemented a custom database and an elaborate reporting system. As none of the managers was able to use these tools efficiently, programmers had to prepare all reports and extract the data themselves. Kubica decided to build a simple tool that allows the user to visualize and analyze information without any external help. He also decided that ORBIGO should not require installation of a separate server or any heavy software.

ORBIGO does not work with raw data, but with information such as Key Performance Indicators (or any other indicators that are stored somewhere in the company’s databases). It integrates data from various sources, from text files and Excel sheets, to databases and data stored in HR or CRM systems.  Every user can create his own dashboards in seconds with a pretty drag-and-drop interface. Instead of browsing through tons of Excel worksheets, this tool uses a set of plugins that query external data sources and provide the required information in real-time. This solution increases the security of company’s data, as ORBIGO’s plugins don’t store raw data at all.

ORBIGO has two founders. The first one is Adam Kubica, the CTO, who is a programmer with extensive experience in the field of reporting systems, databases and integration of IT systems based on different platforms. Joanna Osińska, the CEO, has a business background – she is an absolvent of the Warsaw University of Economics and has gained experience while working at Accenture, a large consulting company.

Kubica and Osińska cooperate only since June 2016, but have already created a MVP and are preparing a pilot implementation. As of now, they are looking for potential clients and sales partners.