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Meetnight Poznań

11th February, start – 4 p.m.
Przylądek Arkadia,
ul. Ratajczaka 44
Empik terrace
61-816 Poznan, Poland


About The Event

Are you done with traditional job fairs with booths, stalls, and leaflets? Do you hate serious people in suits telling you what a perfect and relaxed environment their company is? Meetnight is Innovative Career Fairs project, which will let some fresh air into Polish IT industry. The first of the innovative meetings will take place exactly in a month in Poznań.

The organisers, Wojciech Nowaczyk and Jan Radomski, want to create a completely new platform between employers and employees to make the relations more intimate.

The time Meetnight starts isn’t coincidental either. It’s symbolic. It starts at dusk, when the day meets the night. The theme of the meeting is destroying walls; they want to destroy barriers the traditionally dividing employers and employees, corporations and startups or career and fun. That’s why instead of traditional serious meetup with potential employers, you can just hang out with them and make new friends. You can talk about work while playing a console game or relaxing on comfy bean bags. After all, you’re going to spend plenty of time at work, you might as well enjoy it and have a grand time.

If you’re interested, you can register here. It’s not necessary but definitely recommendable. If you’re an employer and want exhibit your company, you won’t escape paperwork.