Are you bored of stock photos available on all mainstream websites? Do you want something more special for your new project? Check out Barn Images, a Latvian startup that will provide you with unique “non-stock” pictures every day.

The founders of Barn Images are Roman Drits and Igor Trepeshchenok. They’re photographers who originate from Riga, Latvia, and are now based in Hamburg, Germany. Their background lies mainly in the field of photography; while Igor has a BA in Press & Editorial Photography, Roman is a self-taught freelance photographer. After getting some experience at a German startup, they decided to create their own, combining their passion and online marketing knowledge. That’s how Barn Images were born.

“Barn Images provides an alternative to the traditional stock photo buying process. We offer a large collection of the highest quality visual material for free of charge. On Barn Images, you will find only fresh, quality photography. None of our images duplicate the stock photography generally found elsewhere. We call our collection “non-stock,” and we add new free images every weekday,” says Roman Drits.

You can either check out the Free section, with loads and load of unique photos and it’s updated daily. While of course the photos are free, you’re strongly encouraged to donate what you will so that guy can continue with this wonderful project. If you can’t, you can still use the image, just remember to credit Barn Images and link it, so that others can find out about the project. After all, the project is fully bootstrapped and running it takes up both time and money.

If Free section is not enough for you, you may decide to buy a Premium subscription to get the access to premium collections. The access is granted for 12-months and like with Free section, you’ll be able to use all the photos there for private or commercial purposes.

Unlike other websites, Barn Images is not an aggregator. All the photos are handpicked and unavailable anywhere else.

“In contrast to other free and premium stock photography websites, Barn Images is not another aggregator, making money from the creations of other people. We come from the field of photography ourselves, and every photo you see on the website was created either by us or by colleagues whose work we respect,” says Roman Drits.

A full year after its launch, Barn Images has an average of 1000 daily downloads.

So, if you’re looking some an alternative to typical stock photos, you can check out Barn Images. They offer a large collection of free of charge photos as well as a premium service, available now for a special price of $55.