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Do you have an innovative startup idea that would change the world? Are you tired of your old life and want to do something new? Well, if the only thing standing between you and your business idea is money, there’s a chance that might change soon. “Rozwiń skrzydła” (Eng. Spread Your Wings) contest organised by SZELMENT Vodka offers everyone interested a chance of winning funding for a new project they want to start. The grand prize of up to one million PLN may be just what you need to make your dreams come true.

What do you need to take part in the contest? A new innovative business idea. Nothing more. You don’t need to have started the project already, you don’t need traction. All you need is to present some cool and thought-through project. If you can prove that it’s really fresh and profitable, you’ll be liable to win the prize.

It’s aimed for everyone with a Polish citizenship as long as they’ve never been convicted. SZELMENT Vodka especially encourages students, people both unemployed and employed and those who have their own small businesses to take part in the project.

So if your only setback has been finding sufficient funding for your new business, you can finally do something about that. SZELMENT Vodka offers the funding and helping in the development of your idea in a limited liability company model. You won’t lose the deciding vote when it comes to the direction your future startup will develop but at the same time you won’t be left on your own. Besides the much needed funding, you’ll be also offered professional help and advice when building your startup and you’ll get possible advertising support.


  • January 31 – final deadline for admissions,
  • February 28 – the Chapter makes their choices of innovative projects,
  • April 1-14 – business plan presentations before the Chapter
  • April 30 – official results.

For more information about the grading scale of the ideas, go to the website. You can register till the end of January; all you have to do is fill out an application form and send it here.