PC gamers have one major problem when choosing a PC: they’re all large, bulky and generally not very pretty to look at. If you’re a professional gamer, you can’t easily travel with your computer and have to, thus, waste time to set the available computer to suit your needs. If you want to meet up with your friends for a gaming night, you’re not going to have an easy time unless you’ve got a good gaming computer. Dr Ząber came up with an alternative for that and have created Sentry, a console-sized gaming PC case.

The project is crowdfunded and was met with overwhelming enthusiasm: Sentry has already exceeded their goal over seven times, reaching $150,705 raised by 642 backers. And they still have a month to go.

World’s first truly console-sized gaming PC case houses powerful components and is capable of more than you hoped for. It can reach full capacities of a PC maintaining a volume below 7 litres, a size of a typical console. You can place it next to your TV and it’ll look as if it belonged there all along. If you need to travel with your computer, it’ll be a problem no longer. Sentry is so small, it’ll fit into a laptop bag so you can travel with it easily.

It took two years for the Dr Ząber team to perfect the design and after creating multiple prototypes, they finally created the final version. Sentry’s internal design enables fitting powerful mid-range and high-end class PC components into this compact case. Even though it’s small, it still retains full customisability so you’re the one who decides exactly which components will make it the ultimate computer for you.

Sentry is just a chassis, which means you still need to buy all the parts. There are some possible hardware configs available and they start at $750, depending on your needs and budget. The top shelf option is over two times more expensive. Also, you don’t have to worry about finding fitting components: parts available at your local computer store should be enough.

If you think Sentry is something for you, go to Indiegogo and order your own today. The prices start at $195 + P&P costs.