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With the current healthy lifestyle and fit trends, it’s no surprise that the European fitness market is already worth over €27 billion and is still growing. It has become a large and interesting area to introduce new hot solutions to. Perfect Gym Solutions, a startup that brings tech into fitness industry, has done just that and attracted its first investors: Daftcode, a venture building company, and Innovation Nest, which have invested 4 million PLN in this solution.

“Gyms are becoming more and more professional and they’re looking for software to manage their increasingly more complex business processes. Perfect Gym is a world class ERP product for fitness businesses. We believe that the company will be able to expand internationally and strengthen its position on the market,” says Marcin Szelag, Partner at Innovation Nest.

Perfect Gym is a smart Gym management software that will help you run your business smoother. It offers solutions for both business owners and fitness members. For the owners, it means easier management: member billings, class schedules or payrolls. They can track sales and revenue, at the same time maintaining relations with clients through special offers or loyalty programmes. For members, there’s Perfect Gym Go, where they can book the services they love.

And apparently it’s all working out just great. In just two years over a thousand clients with over 2 million members on three continents entrusted Perfect Gym with the management of their businesses. And we’re not just talking small companies here; among Perfect Gym’s customers you will find big chain companies like McFit, Gold’s Gym, Jatomi Fitness and World Class, to name just a few.

And there are still plenty of gyms and fitness clubs that are looking for software to effectively manage their increasingly complex business processes. The partnership with DaftCode group and Innovation Nest will help them with that.

“Collaboration with DaftCode gives us new opportunities to grow. We’ll be able to use the know-how of one of the most rapidly growing Polish IT companies. Innovation Nest’s knowledge and experience will be indispensable help as well. Thanks to our investors’ help, we’ll be able to enter new markets even faster,” says Jacek Szlendak, Perfect Gym Solutions CEO.

Innovation Nest, which specialises in funding B2B products, has given 1,35 million PLN in funding. DaftCode provided 2,65 million and gives Perfect Gym access to its payment systems and antifraud provisions. Together, they’ll help Perfect Gym develop rapidly.

“We can see large potential in Perfect Gym, which is why we decided to invest in this solution. This startup gets new clients, some of whom are well-known global companies, at a pace which confirms that the solution Perfect Gym offers pays off. What’s more, we’re not limiting our commitment to just financial support. Perfect Gym will benefit from the synergistic effect with other companies from our group,” said Jedrzej Szczesniak, DaftCode COO.