After all the successes on the home market, Ventures is planning to go international in 2017 under the name Business Fellows. In order to do that, they’re planning to raise 6 million PLN in bonds, as the company is listed on NewConnect. Subscriptions started on January 12 at Polski Dom Maklerski S.A. (Eng. Polish Brokerage) and are on till 26 January.

In 12 – 26 January 2017 Ventures S.A. issued 2-year Series A bonds, with nominal value 1,000 PLN each, at an 8,5% interest rate, the interests paid out every quarter. You don’t have to have a company to invest, as individual parties are encouraged strongly to obtain the bonds.

„Up until now the company hasn’t used the capital from issuing bonds. Thanks to continually improving financial situation of the company and planned for this month break-even, we’ve decided on diversifying our sources of funding. Through issuing bonds and our own funds, we’ll be able to develop our operations abroad,” says Piotr Surmacki, CEO of Ventures S.A.

When going international, the first market they want to reach out to is Great Britain. They’ve modified the business model to be able to work well on that market and opened a new website dedicated to international clients. Without any special advertising the company abroad, they’ve already got fifty international clients.

What do Business Fellows do? They offer tailormade websites to help you make your business more profitable. After all, the internet is such a huge part of our lives, online presence seems indispensable to make a modern business work well. Unlike some other companies, they don’t work on ready templates but make customised websites that will work just for you. They take care of everything: from finding the perfect url, designing the website to preparing content. A team of experienced programmers, copywriters and graphic designers will make your company’s website shine and grow alongside with your business.

“We’ve conducted market survey which has proven that Western Europe countries need our services so we’ve decided on opening for new markets. Taking onto consideration our services are provided remotely, there’s a huge growth potential. We’re mainly assuming implementing remote sales channel which won’t require building new structures beyond the Polish boarders,” says Piotr Surmacki.

If you want to acquire bonds, they’re available at Polski Dom Maklerski S.A and Dom Maklerski Millenium. The bonds will be introduced to Catalyst market. If you’re interested in Business Fellows services, they’re available now for free on promo.