It’s probably not the first online invoicing system you have ever seen, but who’s not up for hearing a success story? Fakturownia (InvoiceOcean) is a Polish cloud-based invoice management platform with an astounding number of 100 thousand monthly users. Until today, 200 thousand companies all over the world have trusted this system with their accounting.

Fakturownia was born in the attic of a co-working space Reaktor in Warsaw, where the founders struggled to make their early businesses successful. They describe the creation of their system “a need of the moment”. As no other invoicing tools met their expectations, they decided to build one themselves. “A solution that was supposed to be only an internal project started to gain interest and bring substantial profit,” said Marcin Stefaniak, the CEO of Fakturownia.

The beginnings of Fakturownia were not easy – all founders had to carry out other IT projects in order to finance their emerging startup. Luckily, they already had considerable experience. Marcin Stefaniak, the CEO, has founded his first software company when he was seventeen. His next company, which was operating while he was still studying, has twice received a Deloitte Fast50 CE reward as the fastest developing tech company. Together with his brother Michał Stefaniak, the CMO, and with Paweł Deryło, the CTO, they have acquired experience while working for SaaS software companies.

Fakturownia operates in the cloud – the program does not require an installation and is available in an IPhone app. It works on a subscription basis with four different pricing plans to choose from. Its main feature is issuing invoices and other documents, but the platform has some more sophisticated functions as well. It offers accounting management integrated in a single platform – from sorting documents, through integration with online payment providers such as PayPal, to an elaborate reporting suite that keeps all statistics in order. On top of it all, the system is the only tool on the market that offers turboinvoicing (sending documents to a customer with a single click).

The most distinctive feature of Fakturownia is simplicity. Thanks to the modular structure of the system, every user can select the functions he considers most useful. Additionally, Fakturownia allows for international invoicing – the system can create multilingual documents in 31 languages and recalculate every transaction to a foreign currency at the exchange rate that is either specified by one of the banks listed on the platform or customized by the user.

Every day, up to 37 thousand invoices are issued using the Fakturownia system. The founders of Faturownia were listed in the “50 Most Creative Business People Ranking” by the Brief magazine. The project has also received funding from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.