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Are you trying to make your social media presence more successful but encountering difficulties? Daftcode, known for cool innovative solutions such as Indoorway or Skriware, has launched a new real-time bidding tool: Rightflow. It’s a new DSP platform dedicated to advertisers and digital agencies that will deliver individualised banner campaigns.

DaftCode is a Polish venture building company, which creates their own B2B solutions, based mostly on big data and machine learning and creates their own startups. Rightflow is one of them. The person responsible for business strategies and development of the company is Arkadiusz Cywiński, Rightflow CEO. Previously, he worked for Adkontekst, doing campaigns for Netsprint group and working with Performante Agency.

Good graphic design is just step one to running a successful campaign. Ad placement plays a crucial role in getting proper momentum. People at Rightflow realise that each ad impression is different. What they do is analyse all data available in order to choose best impressions for your campaign. They won’t bid just any impression, just those that will help you meet your goals. Right audience, right place, right time; all those factors play a significant role in making a campaign as successful as possible.

How do they do it? It’s thanks to advanced machine learning algorithms, which optimise your campaigns goals in real-time. Increase sales, conversions and CTR by leveraging big data. All the process is fully transparent so you’ll learn everything Rightflow knows about RTB environment. Thanks to in-house and third party software analysing traffic for any fraudulent activity, you won’t buy spam with Rightflow.

“Rightflow is a flexible solution that is tailored to meet the needs of specific clients and campaigns. Tech and algorithms, which we use are of our own original design, which makes them unique,” says Arkadiusz Cywiński, Rightflow CEO.

Rightflow clients retain full control over the campaign and, at the same time, get access to high class analytic tools that allow them to monitor the effectivity of the marketing strategy. Advertisers can count on full-time support from Rightflow specialists.

Rightflow is building good relations with agencies and advertisers in the UE and the Persian Gulf region.