If you ever managed a website that was supposed to bring you income, you probably noticed that, except from creating content, you needed to perform tons of mundane tasks such as updating, testing and creating backups. Perfect Dashboard is a tool that automates these processes, allowing you to enjoy your passive income without spending hours on it.

The company has three cofounders, who all began their careers as freelancers. Shortly after, they opened an interactive agency. They quickly noticed that working with new clients was ineffective, as they had to perform all time-consuming tasks by themselves. The solution they came up with was Perfect Dashboard – an automated management platform – that is currently used by almost 5000 customers from all over the world.

Perfect Dashboard is a multi-platform software – it allows users to manage websites on WordPress, Joomla or other popular CMS. What exactly does this platform offer? “Our product performs automated backups and update installations,” said Dominik Kawula from Perfect Dashboard. “Every single backup is tested for malware presence, as well as for modifications in the source code. An innovative system of visual tests informs the user if there are any changes in the website’s layout appearing after an update.”

All backups are stored in the cloud so that you can always access them, no matter where you are. Perfect Dashboard regularly scans your websites for the presence of malware and informs you about security threats such as outdated plugins. Additionally, this tool creates a to-do list with all the task you need to perform to keep your website secure. To top it off, the team plans to introduce GIT integration in the nearest future.

Perfect Dashboard offers three different subscription plans. The “hobbyist” plan is free of charge and allows for using basic functions on up to 8 websites. The “freelancer” and “professional” plans introduce more sophisticated functions, such as automated backup integrity tests, security audits or branded reports.

This startup has a few investors, including Experior Venture Fund, Ken Singer, the managing director in the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley and Marek Janas, the CEO of Arrow ECS. Chris Burry, an experienced entrepreneur who introduces non-US companies to the Silicon Valley, is a member of their Supervisory Board.