Startup Europe Week Płońsk 2017


9th February 2017

11:00 – 17:00

Mazowiecki Park Naukowo-Technologiczny – Park Spółdzielczy

11 H. Sienkiewicza Street,

09-100 Płońsk, Poland


About the Event

From 6th to 10th Feb 2017 there’s a Startup Europe Week. Over 200 organisers in over 40 countries once again unite all European regions to help entrepreneurs make a difference.

If you want to attend an event from this series in Poland, on the 9th Feb you can check out SEW event in Płońsk. The conference is about startups from the Mazovian region and is promoted by European Commission and Startup Europe. It’s organised by Mazowiecki Park Naukowo Technologiczny – Park Spółdzielczy in Płońsk, together with Foundation Work Nations, Płońsk Chamber of Commerce and BT Progress.

Usually, everyone in Poland everyone just concentrates on startups in big cities. That’s why SEW Płońsk concentrates primarily on startups based in smaller towns and cities. There’ll be a presentation of the best startups from the Mazovian region and a startup dinner to do some networking in the evening.

There’s going to be everything that may help you make your startup better: presentations, consultations and discussion panels. if you need to get funding for your project, they’re going to discuss ways of best financing in 2017. If you’re struggling with making your campaigns successful, you might get some new ideas how to do it. If all you have are ideas and you need incentive to start your business, SEW Płońsk might be just what you need.

For more information, you might go to this website of check out their Facebook profile. If you want to sign up, you can do it for free.