AIESEC is the biggest global youth-led organisation. It’s operating in 122 countries and to help young people get practical experience through international exchanges and volunteering opportunities. Its mission is to achieve peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential by making the youth active and open for diversity. Through their Global Entrepreneur programme, an internship programme, young people can get invaluable work experience while travelling abroad.

Global Entrepreneur programme is for startups that are interested in getting new talented people on their teams. An intern from across the world may bring you just the insight you need to change your startup to become even more successful; you may get a completely new global perspective. For the international intern, a chance of working at your startup will give them vital job experience that will help them move on to brilliant careers.

Since AIESEC is working with higher education institutions from all over the world, there are dozens of qualified students who would love to contribute to your success. Taking part in the programme you’ll get access to personalised recruitment process.

If you’re a young person, who’s considering joining the Global Entrepreneur programme, don’t hesitate. You can gain new professional experiences by exposing yourself to a whole new culture and environment. Living abroad and immersing yourself in a foreign culture is something amazing that can’t be replaced, it may give you exactly the perspective you need. You’ll get once in a lifetime opportunity to get hands-on experience somewhere far from home and make a network of new acquaintances that might prove useful in the future.

If you’re a startup and you’re interested in entering the programme, you can email Dominika Ogórek who’s responsible for the project, for more information. If you live in Poland and dream of living in a completely new environment for up to 12 weeks or if you want to visit Poland, you can check out available placements. Perhaps there’s something that’ll catch your eye.

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