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Are you forgetful? Has it ever happened to you that you lost your wallet? Or perhaps you simply left it at home when hurrying to a meeting? Woolet, a smart wallet, comes to rescue.

The whole idea sprouted from a simple banter among friends.

“One of our closest friends constantly left his wallet behind literally everywhere: in pubs, restaurants, shops. It’s impossible to say how much time and money he lost retrieving his valuables. We laughed at him and told him he needed a wallet from the future that would remind him not to leave it. Then we realised that creating a wallet like that might actually be possible. So we assembled a team and created a wallet that is smart, slim and elegant all at the same time – not only a gadget but also a fashionable accessory,” says Marek Cieśla, Woolet CEO.

Marek is a well-known Polish entrepreneur whose products are used by millions of users. He is a co-founder of and ALLPlayer. Also, he as years of experience in sales and licencing for DivX, Rovi and BitTorrent. Among his team are Teodor Kosch, Bart Zimny, Andrew Pawlikowski and Wojtek Bak, all involved in the creation of Woolet.

The idea turned out to be a huge hit. In a Kickstarter campaign in 2015, Woolet was backed by almost three thousand people, who pledged $333,000 to help bring this project to life. The money was spent on mass production and development of the Woolet.

What makes Woolet so special? It’s ultra-slim, Bluetooth-powered, wireless-charged and handcrafted to perfection: the smart accessory for every modern man. It’s just 9.9 mm thick and packed with cutting-edge technology, designed so you don’t have to worry. Miniature sensors synchronise with your smartphone and send notifications to your mobile via the Woolet App, available for both iOS and Android.

If the Woolet is left behind, it’ll notify you automatically. That means no more frantic searches in a messy room just before going out or stressing you might’ve left your wallet somewhere the day before. The app shows the approximate distance between you and your Woolet. It also howls if your wallet is out of reach in public places and allows you to check the last location of your Woolet. You can turn off notifications whenever you want, so that you don’t get them at home or work.

Woolet uses wireless charging pads with QI-compatible technology, and it takes just three hours to fully charge it. The lifespan of the battery is up to six months so you don’t really have to worry about often. All that makes Woolet a next-generation wallet that will keep your cash and cards safe.

“At Woolet we believe that gadgets should make our lives easier and safer. That’s why each Woolet is hand-crafted from the finest materials by skilled craftsmen and checked thoroughly. We don’t compromise on quality or style. Each element is designed and created for Woolet purposes only, from materials to the mobile application,” says Marek.

Besides, Woolet is not only a smart wallet, it’s a complete ecosystem. Besides a wallet, you can also get matching Keyfinders, Charging Pads, Phone Covers, etc. So, if you’re a person to misplace your keys, for example, Woolet team is there to provide you with useful gadgets.

And continually improving their products. They’ve just premiered their brand new wallet: Woolet RFiD. Next year, they’ll be introducing the second generation of the Woolet smart wallet and they’re planning a few surprises ahead in the future.

They’ve already sold over five thousand Woolets worldwide, and the number is growing every day.