Do you look back on your old photo albums with nostalgia? Do you miss the feeling of developing the film and wondering what you’re going to get? Right now we have thousands of snaps on our mobiles and yet we never really come back to them. YOSO will bring back the magic of old photos to your life.

The team behind YOSO are Lukas Kepiski, Klaudyna Kwiecinska and Jan Lipmann. Łukasz Kępiński, the CEO, has been in internet marketing for 7 years. He’s the former Social Media Development Director at K2 Media and is a co-founder of the interactive agency Central Park. Klaudyna Kwiecińska, the CMO, has been working for Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza for five years and Jan Lipmann, the CTO, is a founder of his own software house. The three of them, together, decided to launch YOSO.

“We were discussing the topic of taking pictures with Łukasz; we take too many pictures and we don’t even come back to them. Instead of being really present at an event or on a trip, people look at the world through their smartphone’s camera lens. After subsequent interviews and surveys, during which we asked smartphone users how they use their phone camera and how they browse their pictures, we were sure YOSO would be worthwhile,” says Klaudyna Kwiecińska, CMO.

YOSO stands for You Only Snap Once. It’s a mobile app that transforms your smartphone into an analogue camera. You choose from virtual photo rolls of 12/24/36 photos. Then, all you have to do is snap pictures, until you run out of the space on your photo film. The fun part is that you have no idea how they’re going to turn out; you can’t access them until you’re done. Like in the good old times, you have to wait until the pictures are developed to see what you’ve got. YOSO team prints the pictures for you and sends them in an album-box.

Then all left for you is to enjoy the moments you managed to catch. It’s not the artistry of the photos that is important but the content and the joy of seeing the developed pictures for the first time. If you have just 12 photos to take, you’re not going to retake a picture half a dozen times before you deem it perfect. That’s why you can’t check what the pictures you’ve already taken look until they’re developed: being able to choose just the right shot would spoil the experience and the surprise of seeing them for the first time.

YOSO is still very new; it was launched just before New Year’s Eve, 2016. The app is available for iOS in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland and it’s been downloaded over 400 times, with first sales noted. They’re still bootstrapping and looking for an investor who could help them enter the second stage of their project, which will be subscription based.

The app is available for free on app store. Prices for the photo roll start at €11,99.