Positionly is on the roll. Only a month ago, this SEO monitoring company acquired Usability Tools, a platform specializing in UX. Now, they join forces with yet another e-marketing company: Monitori, a tool for managing social media. Together, under the common name of Unamo, they will offer the first comprehensive set of tools that will make e-marketing effortless for their customers.

“Merging both companies into Unamo gives us a real competitive advantage. We focused on the integration of products, making them available within a single platform. This enables us to offer customers unique, tailored solutions,” said Grzegorz Kazulak, the CEO of Unamo.

Unamo will consist of three modules. The first one, Unamo Search Engine Optimization (Unamo SEO), will provide the same functionalities as Positionly, allowing users to monitor various websites or keywords’ position in search engines. The second one, Unamo Social Media Monitoring, will help them keep track of mentions about their brand in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. The last module is Unamo Conversion Web Analytics that allows for thorough analysis of user experience. Together, these modules make all marketing efforts integrated and intentional.

“Availability of all services integrated into one interface is a huge convenience for our users. They no longer need to register for several platforms and configure each of them separately. One ecosystem allows for a simpler, more economical and – above all – more efficient e-marketing,” adds Hubert Wydrych, Head of Product, Unamo Social Media.

Unamo will offer multiple subscription plans tailored for specific target groups, from small emerging companies to large corporations or experienced marketing specialists. They will also keep adding new features to their portfolio – we can expect some new functionalities later this year.

Positionly chose to acquire Monitori because of their great social media monitoring potential. “Monitori keeps track of the highest number of expressions in Polish. Additionally, it is the first company in Poland offering image monitoring – a feature that recognizes brand logotypes in graphic materials,” explains Kazulak.

Grzegorz Kazulak, who until now held the position of the CEO of Positionly, became the CEO of Unamo. Hubert Wydrych, the previous CEO of Monitori, will now be the Head of Product at Unamo Social Media.