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Every business needs a nice and functional website to exist properly in the 21st century. If you need to upgrade your website or make it all together, you can turn to uKit, an easy to use website builder for business.

uKit website builder was designed by the IT company, uCoz Web Services, which has been in the industry for over 11 years and has managed to create a robust ecosystem to maintain and develop DIY websites. It was back in 2005 when Evgeny Kurt and his partners founded uCoz, one of the first and still the most popular website builder in Russia and CIS countries, which has been used to create approx. 20M created sites.

“The 2010-s saw a significant increase of small and micro businesses striving to have online presence — cafes, auto services, repair teams, educational projects, and more — the enterprises that can be found in every street and in every district. There were already a number of tools in place for them: aggregators and ad boards, advertising systems, social media promotion tools, map markers for companies, etc. But part of those businesses also required websites, for example, to use their own mailing lists, promote themselves in search results, etc. As a consequence, the demand to build sites for small businesses emerged, with the desired creation process as easy to master as filling out a social media account. At the same time, such websites shouldn’t require big development and maintenance investments, because not everyone could resort to professional help. And uKit became the answer to this challenge,” says Tatiana Zhukova, Project Manager at uKit.

uKit is a simple and reasonably priced tool to create a modern profile page and a business landing. You choose from 250 designer-made themed templates, and just by moving around and filling in ready-to-use blocks you get a modern website that adapts to screens of any PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Just to name a few of the cool options uKit gives you: there are three kinds of online chats, callback request, newsletter subscription form. Right now there are 30 widgets available and there’s an in-house ecosystem of scripts for websites.

Creating a website with uKit requires minimum skills and knowledge. No need to resort to HTML, although you can if you want to. All steps, even the preparation of the website for SEO promotion is performed in the visual mode. As such, the creation process comes down to choosing colours, adding texts, images and widgets for business, purchasing a custom domain name, and publishing your website.

There are absolutely no hidden costs or limitations. You won’t be charged extra for connecting a custom domain, creating lots of pages, editing website’s blocks or receiving. You’ll know upfront what you’re charged for and what you’ll be getting.

uKit changes according to the Feedback they get. For example, last year, they added an opportunity to integrate custom code and introduced a “custom website by professionals at $50” service. The plans for this year include implementation of a built-in online shop. They’re continuing experimenting with the automation of the website creation process. In 2016, the first public prototype of uKit Alt was presented, a tool that creates a fully-fledged website based on the content from a Facebook business page in just 2 minutes.

The project is self-funded by the company. However, the founders are engaged in negotiations with foundations. The aim of the investments is entering new markets and reaching a new technological level. Currently, the team is working on implementing a neural network into the website builder so that an old website created with any platform can be converted into a modern-looking uKit website in a matter of minutes.

Within one and a half year since the inception, uKit has grown into a popular platform with 600,000 website owners from over 90 countries. Apart from the Eastern Europe, it is represented in Latin America, Central Europe, and other regions.

If you want to become uKit next customer, check it out. You can try them out for free and the prices for Premium account start at $4/month.