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Would you like to have a Tardis salt shaker, a Bulbasaur planter or a Darth Vader pen holder? Perhaps you’re worried that the 3D printers are just for tech savvy people and you need serious skill in order to use them effectively? Well, with Skriware, a 3D printer created specifically for home use, it has never been easier.

Skriware has been set up by a group of young passionate engineers, who wanted to make the 3D printing accessible to everyone. They teamed up with Daniel Losinski, an entrepreneur and 3D printing enthusiast, and designed their very own printer.

Right from the start, they managed to draw in two major investors, DaftCode and Cube Investments, and get sufficient funding to refine the tech they use to implement innovative solutions. Successful Kickstarter campaign allowed to begin the production of the printers and the development of Skrimarket. They’re continually growing and are open to Venture Capital.

„The idea behind Skriware was to bring 3D printing into an ordinary household. There was no easy-to-use 3D printer on the market and most available solutions demanded knowledge of 3D design and being able to use advanced graphic design programmes. The work of a group of enthusiasts resulted in a printer, which is at the same time easy to use and looks great in every room,” says Karol Górnowicz, CEO Skriware.

Skriware printers look slick, elegant and definitely fit the home space. What’s more, they’re relatively inexpensive and perfect for everyone. You don’t need to be a 3D designer to enjoy your Skriware printer. It’s aimed to be accessible to everyone, no matter their age or tech skills. Even a complete newbie will be able to make it work; literally all you have to do is to find a design you like and click one button to print it.

There are dozens of models available on Skrimarket, an online platform dedicated to Skriware users. You’ll find there both practical things as well as fandom figurines. There’s something for everyone and it’s all just one click away. You can browse loads of free cool ready-to-print designs or buy a model. If you’re a 3D designer, you can share your projects there, too.

To make the printing process as seamless as possible, Skriware uses their own firmware. The printer has a magnetic and elastic working space, where the item is printed, so that you can easily take it out.

After the Kickstarter campaign, Skriware entered the market. The sales are growing continually and so is the marketer network. The printers are available in the hypermarket Auchan which definitely brings them closer to ordinary homes and there are ongoing negotiations with one of the big online distributors.

If you want to get your own Skriware 3D printer, they’re available at the price of $1299.