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If you’ve got your own business, the Internet is a place to be. Your online presence can draw new customers in and make your business flourish. To do that you need to be able to use social media as efficiently as possible and see which marketing techniques work and which you should drop. Socialbakers with its advanced social media analytics can help you run your social media properly.

Socialbakers was founded by Jan Rezab, Lukáš Maixner, Jiri Voves and Martin Homolka, four Czech developers with a passion for data and social media. In October 2008, they launched a company initially called Candytech and developed Facebook applications for regional agencies and brands. A year later, the founders launched, with statistics from Facebook and a primary focus on country statistics.

Social media marketing was still in its very early days but a lot of brands saw the huge potential. Brands wanted to be active, however they didn’t know what it meant to be on social media and ow to quantify the return on their investment. Socialbakers saw the opportunity to help brands understand what was working, what was not, and where they should invest their time and money,” says Jiri Voves, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Socialbakers.

In July 2010, Socialbakers launched the FanPage Analyzer, then continued to add new options, such as Analytics, Listening, Publishing and overview dashboards, enabling marketers to manage, measure and monetise their social media spend. Right now, besides Facebook, Socialbakers supports platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and, most recently Pinterest, based on customer demand to have one tool to manage and optimise social media performance across the board.

What does Socialbakers offer? One platform to analyse your stats, benchmark, and create reports. It’s also an intelligence centre that gives you insights on customers, competitors, and content. Social media can be an invaluable resource but you need to be able to cut through the white noise; Socialbakers will help you analyse keywords and hashtags that matter to you. Measuring right metrics can help you improve your advertising strategies. Socialbakers helps you make sure you’re getting the best return on your social media spend.

With eight years of experience, it’s gained invaluable knowledge and built up what probably is the industry’s largest social media dataset. with the data, it has insights into content performance and behaviour, which allows it to build powerful, data-based predictions and recommendations for its customers.

“Today’s marketers are facing several challenges; time consuming reporting, having ads, listening, competitor benchmarking and digital data across multiple tools, and finally the challenge of proving the value of social and business impact. At Socialbakers we are working to provide our customers with one tool to analyse, manage and optimise social media content and promotion,” says Jiri Voves.

Socialbakers has raised $34 million in funding from Index Ventures, Earlybird Venture Capital and Index Ventures. It’s the trusted social media performance partner to thousands of enterprise brands and SMBs, including over 100 companies on the 2015 Fortune Global 500. They’re working with brands like Nestle, L’Oreal, Bata and Desigual.

If you want to check it out, Socialbakers has a 14-day free trial available. The prices start at $24 USD/mo per page (min.5 pages).