We all know that Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms for professionals, such as photographers or artists, and for influencers like bloggers or celebrities. The most important part – posting photos – is easy. Creating good content that people will want to follow is harder. But the third core element of being an Instagrammer, making sure you actually reach your target audience, is a real challenge, especially for those with no former marketing experience. This is where River, a SaaS platform for engaging audiences on Instagram, comes into play.

River was created for influencers who create great content, but have troubles with engaging the right audience. It is a platform that will provide all the support you need: it will like photos and follow or unfollow people, basing on key hashtags and your personal preferences. All these actions, undertaken automatically, will increase the number of your followers and the traffic at your account. According to their website, an average River user gets over 800 new followers a month. The most important thing? All of these followers are real people – River pays special attention to avoiding spammers or bots.

While River is not the first platform for enhancing the traffic on your Instagram account, it is exceptional because of its quality. No account managed by River has ever been banned. Additionally, the team behind River does a great job separating the tasks that you should perform yourself (posting photos and replying to comments) from automatic tasks that they overtake to keep your Instagram profile unique and authentic. All decisions made by the River engine (such as following other accounts) can be undone manually if you decide that they don’t resonate with your vision.

The CEO of River is Karol Pokojowczyk, a growth hacker with profound experience in online marketing, global sales and SaaS development. Asia Żukowska, the co-founder, is a social marketing expert. River is their second startup – previously, they founded ColibriTool, a SaaS that helps companies find mentions about them in social media, allowing them to participate in discussions about their brand.

Apart from the paid services offered by both ColibriTool and River, both startups provide valuable advice on growth hacking and social marketing on their blogs (Growth Hacking and Instagram Freebies) that are definitely worth recommending for everyone who begins their adventure with social media marketing. Combined with the River service, they will surely change your so-so Instagram to a flourishing, original profile with thousands of followers.