Innovators Under 35 is the leading global community of innovators, pioneers, and promoters of social change curated by MIT Technology Review since 1999. Every year, the MIT Technology Review is looking for the most talented young technological leaders that can bring the world a significant change – both in society and in business.

This year, the MIT Technology Review opened two parallel competitions: one for the European Union and one for Latin America. Innovators Under 35 2017 will be looking for talents in the following fields: Biotechnology and Medicine, Electronic Hardware, Energy, Internet, Software, Nanotechnology and Materials, Telecommunications, and Transportation.

The goal of these competitions is to consolidate the community of young, talented innovators and provide them with opportunities to grow and make their achievements more impactful. The European Innovators Under 35 community already consists of over one hundred brightest talents in the whole European Union. They will also be able to make the most of the MIT Technology Review community of over 100,000 professionals and institutions.

After the closing of nominations on 5th March, a committee of judges will choose the best 35 innovators. The jury consists of independent experts and institutions, entrepreneurs, winners of past editions, investors, academics and editors of MIT Technology Review. The panel of judges will consider the impact of the candidates, their ingenuity, as well as their entrepreneurial and communication skills.

The award ceremony will take place in Paris on 14th September.

You can nominate candidates for this competition here.