If you’re a gaming website and you need to up your revenue, GetGamers can help you with that. It provides game ads that can make your blog or website more lucrative.

The brain behind the project is Kristaps Mors, who’s got experience in IT, advertising and marketing. He worked as a web developer and as a co-founder of several companies such as MaxTraffic. Creating GetGamers, he wanted to build an international ad network, and decided to focus on games, having access to some online gaming websites to test out ads.

“We connect 2 sides: publishers, online websites who made money from ads and wanted to increase revenue, and advertisers, web and mobile games who want to get more players, and who sell virtual goods to them,” Kristaps Mors.

Getgamers allows you to make money out of the traffic on your website. You don’t even have to worry about your web design, remove your banners or anything of that sort. All you have to do is add their code and voila! You can make more profit. To make campaigns more effective, GetGamers use GeoTargeting to provide your visitors with more personalised and more relevant ads. They also won’t see just any ads. GetGamers advertises games, as the name suggests, so your visitors may find something that actually interests them.

What’s important is that GetGamers uses non-standard ad formats which won’t mess up with your website. There are Mobile ads specially for mobile users. For computer users, there is BounceBack and SiteUnder. BounceBack shows ads when users are about to leave by clicking Back button on browser. SiteUnder opens ads in a window under your website every 24h for every unique user. That way you can increase ad space and revenue without removing any of existing ads.

GetGamers is bootstrapping and started making money after 6 months, and after 12 months or so was break-even. They have about 200 websites as publishers with several million visitors per month to which they show ads.