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It is not enough to develop futuristic technologies to make the world a better place. A true change comes gradually with small everyday products that make these technologies accessible for a regular person. SEEDiA, an ambitious Polish startup that is already cooperating with an energy giant innogy, brings solar energy to every smartphone and strives to create a better, more ecological world.

“Smartphone charging is a large-scale problem,” said Piotr Hołubowicz, the CEO of SEEDiA. “Cell phones require more and more energy, what has a detrimental effect on the environment, as it causes CO2 emissions. Our flag product is a smart solar bench that, among other functionalities, offers clean energy for phone charging.”

The team behind SEEDiA is experienced in both technical and business fields. Hołubowicz has a technical background – not only did he obtain a degree in robotics, but has also founded two other startups, 3dproto (a 3D printing company) and Versatilex (innovation product design company). Artur Racicki, the co-founder of SEEDiA, is a serial entrepreneur; he simultaneously holds the positions of CEO in both Social WiFi and

Currently SEEDiA offers two different products: solar benches and solar charging stations. Both utilize solar panels to keep the energy entirely clean. They are equipped with USB and wireless chargers, Wi-Fi hotspots and radios. Both products are available in multiple variants – for example, a bench with a bike stand.

SEEDiA’s infrastructure is designed for use in public spaces, such as airports, hotels or shopping centers. Their products offer some unique technological solutions: for example, all electronics is supported by service prediction algorithms. Moreover, this company cooperates with two other Polish startups. Collaboration with Social WiFi allows them to communicate efficiently with the users, while the Airly smog sensors can be istalled on each of their products to monitor the pollution levels.

SEEDiA was founded in June 2016, what makes this startup less than a year old. Still, it has reached impressive results already: their growth rate is kept at a stable 20% per month, and they have already sold 20 solar benches, with 200 more orders placed for 2017.

Their ambitious plans for the future include launching two new product lines in the first quarter of 2017, as well as creating a design of a solar-based electric vehicles charging station later this year. And all of that without a single penny from external investors!