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Whether you are selling hand-made jewelry, hiking gear or Harry Potter-themed eyeshadows, you need a website to display all of your products, as well as a handy system to manage your orders and stock levels. Even if you’re already familiar with all of the possibilities that various e-commerce platforms like Etsy or eBay provide, juggling all of them can be quite a challenge… Unless you enter Shoplo, an intuitive multichannel sales management platform.

Shoplo started out as a simple e-commerce tool for building your own sales website. The platform provides an intuitive drag and drop interface, allowing for the creation of the desired website template in a matter of minutes. Apart from these basic functions, Shoplo has a built-in shopping cart function, payment and delivery integrations, as well as a blogging platform or marketing and branding tools – virtually everything a shop owner needs. “That complexity and beautiful design of our platform and stores are what distinguishes us from our competition,” said Patryk Pawlikowski, the CEO at Shoplo.

The next step in Shoplo’s development arose naturally from the users’ experience. As no online shop functions as a standalone website, but is rather integrated with other platforms (such as Amazon or Facebook), the Shoplo team decided to integrate all sales channels into one tool. This way, the stock levels or prices are automatically updated across all channels. Additionally, A.I. suggests which of the 70 available plugins is the best for boosting the sales even further.

Shoplo has already gained immense popularity. Until now, the platform has gathered around 25,000 users from Poland, US, UK, and Germany. As Pawlikowski says, “it is heart-warming to see our customers grow. Many of them started their venture from passion, but have now quit their jobs and hired a staff themselves. It is very fulfilling to see these small brands become mature, prosperous businesses.”

Not only do the customers’ businesses become prosperous – Shoplo itself has evolved from a small, 2-person startup to a business that has recently received 750k euro funding from Nowadays, the company employs 30 people, with the founders – Patryk Pawlikowski, an experienced project manager, and the CTO Grzegorz Lech, a talented developer – still at its core.

Shoplo offers four different pricing plans on a subscription basis. They also allow every new customer to test their platform free of charge for 15 days and provide a range of various free e-commerce guidebooks for their customers to choose from.