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Centre for Innovation and Technology Commercialization Foundation (CIKT) together with Internest have put together an international campaign that aims to bring technology and science closer to people, celebrating the brightest innovators and showcasing world-changing projects and initiatives. Until 27th February, everyone can browse through 250 amazing projects and vote for the ones he finds the most disruptive.

The objective of the “Closer to People” campaign is to popularize the latest technological breakthroughs and create a network of enthusiasts and professionals who wish to participate in an exchange of thoughts. “This campaign will help to showcase science and technology innovations as a main lever for progress and sustainable development, and will provide a platform for knowledge exchange, experiences and the sharing of best practices in science,” said Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO.

From over 650 applications created in 100 different countries, the most promising 250 projects were selected and divided into 10 categories: Transport & Mobility, New materials & Manufacturing, IoT/IoE, Virtual Reality, Communication Technologies, Electronics, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Energy & Fuels, Security and Fintech. Every person who registers on their website has the opportunity to vote for one project in each of the categories. The winners will be announced shortly after the voting draws to a close.

What are the awards? First of all, the opportunity to present the project to multiple organizations, investors, and accelerators. “For tech owners, participation in the campaign is a way to get the international recognition of their work and accomplishments but above all, to gain new opportunities for their project development or commercialization,” explained Katarzyna Janocha and Marek Kotelnicki from CIKT.

The coordinators of the campaign are CIKT, an NGO that helps tech owners launch their products on the market, and Internest, a company responsible for delivering an online platform. The campaign has also brought together over 70 partners from all over the world, for example UNESCO, EuroScience, TechFounders or IAESTE.

Projects showcased on the “Closer to People” website are immensely diverse. Some examples include a platform for diagnosing depression by analyzing your Instagram profile (DeepDoc), a Croatian electric supercar (Concept_One), an integrated system of sensors for snow monitoring (Sense), a product that gives robots human-like eyes (PhoXi3D) or drive technologies for marine industry (NOA Wave Drive).

To cast your vote, visit