According to Robert Meier, only 2% of applicants make it to a job interview. The remaining 98% are eliminated at the CV screening stage. No wonder that applications that catch the eye of an employer are a rare commodity. InterviewMe is a Polish CV creator and cover letter builder that, except visually attractive designs, offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide through the application writing process. 8 months ago, they also launched a global version of their platform, called Uptowork.

The main feature that distinguishes InterviewMe from hundreds of similar platforms is the intuitiveness of use. First, you choose one of 20 available CV templates. Then, the CV creator guides you through every step, providing exhaustive advice on each section. Tips don’t relate only to the visual appearance of the document, but also to its structure and content. All elements can be moved, renamed or changed into utterly new sections.

The platform offers supplementary options, available after purchasing the Premium pricing plan. They include uploading your CV online and monitoring how many times it has been downloaded by employers. To top it off, InterviewMe runs a blog with a wide range of job applications advice and connects its users with professional recruitment consultants.

It may not be obvious at first, but the fact that the platform does not offer a free-of-charge service is actually an asset. This way, the market is not flooded with their resume templates, even though their user base is still growing – the Polish language version alone has sold over 6000 plans, while the global one follows closely with over 4000 sold plans. The access to the CV creator costs $4.99 and provides an access to 4 templates.

InterviewMe has three founders: Kuba Koziej, the current CEO, Piotr Sosnowski, a law graduate with profound experience in the recruitment process, and Kacper Brzozowski, a programmer and graphic designer. In December 2015, their platform obtained 200 thousand euro of funding from Xevin Investments, a VC that focuses on new technologies, the Internet, and telecommunication. The funding was used to launch Uptowork. Since then, the global website has steadily grown, reaching the current impressive number of 400 thousand users a month.

InterviewMe has some ambitious plans for the future: they aim to increase the traffic on the Uptowork website fivefold, as well as to make their platform the world’s best CV creator. “In two years’ time, we want Uptowork to become one of world’s three largest career-connected websites,” said the CEO Kuba Koziej. We can only keep our fingers crossed!