If you’ve got a startup idea or a prototype and you’re looking for a chance to validate it, there’s a programme that you might find of interest. Rockstart has just opened applications for their Launchtrack programme. It starts in Moldova, it’s powered by Tekwill, and it’s addressed to first timers from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. So if you’re from one of these regions and have innovative new tech ideas but aren’t yet in the place to enter a full-blown acceleration programme yet, Rockstart Launchtrack programme might be just a thing for you.

“We see a real challenge for entrepreneurs bringing their ideas to life,” said Rune Theill, co-founder and CEO of Rockstart. “Far too often, we see that they work on a solution without understanding the problem first. We help these first-time entrepreneurs to launch a product with the potential for scale beyond their local market. We aim to support entrepreneurs on building something that matters to users, and make sure that they stay focused on the core value they are delivering to their customers.”

Rockstart is looking for startups who aim to create innovative solutions in promising new technologies such as AI, automation, or Blockchain. To apply, you’ll have to fill out an application form and have a call from Rockstart to discuss your project. After that, if you’re lucky, you’re in.

In for what? 60-day Launchtrack programme (March 31—June 2) in the Moldovan centre of technology and capital Chișinău. It’ll help you steer your business in the right direction. You’ll have to go through the four steps of every early-stage startup’s development: problem validation, problem solution fit, global market potential, and investment ready. These are the milestones all teams should achieve by the end of this programme.

Of course, you’re not expected to be doing any of that alone. You’ll be getting excellent mentorship. You’ll also have 24/7 access to office space at Tekwill. Tekwill ICT Excellence Center offers co-working spaces, meeting and conference rooms, and tech labs (IoT, 3D printing); you’ll be able to do everything from there. It’s a perfect spot for working on your startup and making those first steps into conquering the international market.

“We [at Tekwill] will get a better opportunity to create a founder-friendly and sustainable ecosystem for Eastern European tech startups. The Rockstart brand will help Tekwill to promote Moldova as one of the best places to turn your idea into a real startup,” said Caterina Rutter, community manager at Tekwill.

Rockstart Launchpad programme is equity free, however, there’s a €250 fee per team. No money? If you’re coming from less privileged backgrounds, there’s a chance for a waiver.

What are the perks besides developing your business idea into a viable thing rapidly? You’ll have a chance to enter directly into the Rockstart Accelerator selections. You’ll also get Tekwill support even after the programme ends. So don’t hesitate and apply now.