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Scabrosus closed the first equity crowdfunding campaign on the platform with an impressive result of almost 200,000 PLN obtained from individual investors. Not only will this outcome allow the Warsaw-based company to develop and purchase new equipment, it has also proven that equity crowdfunding is a valid option for securing funds for Polish companies.

The objective of the crowdfunding campaign was the collection of 300,000 PLN for further development of Scabrosus, a company that produces fiber out of organic waste. Altogether, the company offered 4.1% equity that attracted 22 individual investors. The campaign lasted for two months.

„We decided to try equity crowdfunding because this form of raising funds is relatable to our business style,” said Przemysław Borgosz, the CEO at Scabrosus. “We consider skillful applications of new technologies to be the best recipe for success. It appears that this form of investing, albeit not so well-known in Poland, begins to win over its first enthusiasts.”

After just 10 months of operation, Scabrosus has already achieved an income of 2.5 mln PLN. High innovativeness of their product has convinced a VC investor, Świętokrzyski Inkubator Technologii, to invest further 700,000 PLN in this company.

Scabrosus perceives raising 65% of the intended sum as a great success – both for them as a company and for the future of equity crowdfunding in Poland. These funds will be used for purchasing additional micronization equipment and for implementation of machine learning algorithms in the production process that will allow to automatically adjust the production parameters. The team plans to launch new products in the third and fourth quarter of 2017.

„The Scabrosus campaign was an enormous challenge for,” said Lucyna Warda, the CEO of the platform. “Production of fiber from organic waste is a very narrow and specific field. Nevertheless, we decided that it is worth publicizing. Scabrosus invests in ecology, new technologies and reduction production costs – topics that are all in line with current trends.”