If you have ever dreamed about a designer coffee table that all your friends would praise, look no further. HOLDIS creates unique coffee tables in the shape of countries or cities and offers them for an affordable price without compromising the quality. It is the only company of this type in Europe; thanks to their custom design offer, you can get yourself a table that is shaped like not only London or Poland, but also like Salzburg or Montenegro.

The founder and CEO of HOLDIS is Karol Wójcik, who studies economy at the University of Warsaw. The idea to start his company came to life accidentally while he was working on a different project. He launched HOLDIS in early 2016, after a few weeks of testing his product.

“ The first steps were extremely hard,” said Wójcik. “The costs of all materials were high because of unit pricing. I couldn’t afford to stock up, so I had to buy wood and table legs separately for every order. I cut all tabletops manually, using pre-printed templates. To say it was inefficient is an understatement.”

Today, after almost a year of continuous operation, HOLDIS has become a different company altogether. It has found regular suppliers and contractors and obtained legal protection for the tables’ design. The signature Hairpin table legs bring the style of the 1940s to mind. All tabletops are manufactured using a CNC machine, then varnished and impregnated manually. “These finishing touches add to the overall connoisseur-effect,” says Wójcik.

Except for a wide range of existing designs, HOLDIS offers an option to design your own tabletop, what allows the company to gradually enrich their portfolio. The regular price of a coffee table is about 600 PLN (140 EUR).

Even though the production of each product is really time-consuming (the realization of an order may take three up to four weeks), HOLDIS has already found many clients, both corporate – such as OCHNIK Development – and individual.

In the nearest future, Wójcik plans to enter foreign markets, primarily in Great Britain. He also wants to design and introduce new models of HOLDIS coffee tables.