On 10th February, a brand new co-working space and hub for creativity and digital innovation has opened in Timisoara, Romania. Cowork Timisoara, located in Timisoara Youth Foundation Building, aspires to become the very center of entrepreneurship of the buzzing city that has already been witness to the success of startups like 123ContactForm, Style Jukebox or Movidius.

The new startup hub will not only provide co-working space for entrepreneurs. It will also organize hackathons, workshops, and events with the objective of popularizing entrepreneurship and giving everyone an opportunity to grow and develop. As the Hub is open to cooperation with both local and public organizations, it will also serve as a connection point for various initiatives, investors, and accelerators.

Cowork Timisoara is not just a space to work, it’s a community where you can learn and grow, whether you’re a freelancer or you’re working on your own project. It’s a place to exchange ideas, get feedback and connect with potential customers or partners,” said Cosmin Andrei Munteanu, co-founder of Cowork Timisoara.

Apart from the modern office space, Cowork Timisoara offers access to conference rooms, as well as to multiple services – consulting, training, or networking. It also provides a connection between the startup and university environments.

Cowork Timisoara is the result of a project led by three entrepreneurs: Cosmin Andrei Munteanu, Andrei Firoiu, and Adrian Pica. All three have been active in the Timisoara startup community for a long time, organizing events such as Startup Weekend Timisoara, Startup Pirates or Startup Survivor.

Everyone is welcome to become a member of Cowork Timisoara. You can choose one of three membership types, depending on its duration. Whether you’ll come for only one day, a week or a month, you will get an access to high-speed internet, a desk in a modern office space and delicious free coffee served to all members. Until 26th February, you can also get a discount on the monthly membership – make sure to check it out!