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Red Dev Studio, a young game design studio from Poland has just received 800,000 PLN in funding from EBC Solicitors. They’re getting 48,98% of the company’s shares and they’re going to bring Red Dev Studio to New Connect.

Red Dev Studio designs mobile games and it’s still a new competitor on the market. It opened April last year but they’re rather prolific and they’ve already created a few interesting titles for the Android. Their most popular titles are Patience Patterns, Rubik’s-cube like game where you fill the whole board with only one colour, and Don’t Step On The Crack, a game that everyone knows from their childhood; it imitates walking on the pavement and avoiding the cracks. You can also check out Powertris, which has the nostalgia vibes for the 90s kids and looks like a Tetris meet Pipe Mania mix.

„There’s a great potential in computer games, the market is worth many billion with over two billion users. The successes of Polish producers show that polish titles may successfully compete on an international scale,” says Wojciech Sypko, the founder of Red Dev Studio.

Right now Red Dev Studio is still concentrating on just the mobile platforms. They’re releasing two more titles in the summer, followed by others soon later. However, they dream much bigger. They’re planning to conquer the gaming market all together, moving on to Windows and iOS. Their creative team will definitely do their best and they can hope for substantial help from their investor. EBC Solicitors will be able to help them out, both when it comes to working out the strategies and with getting the funds for the new projects.

„Moving on to the gaming industry is a natural direction for the investing EBC Solicitors. EBC Solicitors has the necessary qualifications and experience in investment servicing of game developer companies in their early development phase,” says Adam Osiński, CEO of EBC Solicitors.

The company has very ambitious plans for the future; they’re planning on releasing four more games this year, the first of them will be Professor Mad House. For the next year, they’re planning something even more special: a project with a budget of over a million PLN.

So if you’re looking for some new cool games to play in your free time, check them out.