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Creating a website has never been easier: Mozello, a Latvian software company, offers a product for website building that is a faster and more intuitive alternative to portals such as WordPress or Weebly. Their product allows you to create a website that is simple, flexible, mobile-ready and even multilingual in a matter of hours.

“I was asked by friends and relatives to build simple websites for their business. The products at hand were too complex and not available in local languages,” said Karlis Blumentals, the CEO of Mozello. “I felt there is a market for an easy-to-use site builder and that we can build a perfect one for people with even limited computer skills.”

Blumentals himself has spent over seventeen years working in the IT sector. In Mozello, he is responsible for the UX and business development. Aivars Irmejs, who is now the tech advisor in the company, and Nikolay Dutchuk, the current lead developer, joined him as Mozello’s co-founders.

Their platform is focused on simplicity. When creating your own website, you choose one of the pre-existing designs. Then, you can personalize it and adjust it to your own needs. The interface does not support drag-and-drop – you have to choose a predefined layout of elements. This way, you can change the whole theme in just one click, without the threat of the website falling apart. Additionally, Mozello creates a mobile version of your website that can always be tweaked according to your vision.

One of the most interesting features of Mozello is that it supports local websites. For example, it supports multiple languages, currencies and domain name extensions. Thanks to this feature, it is a better choice for websites that are planned to operate locally instead of on a global scale.

Mozello is great for creating online stores, too. Apart from all regular functions, such as a product catalog, shopping cart, and customizable delivery options, it supports online payments (with PayPal and other payment processing methods) and 24/7 service.

One of the biggest advantages of this platform is its cost-effectiveness. Mozello operates on a freemium model, where the free plan is offered for small websites with no or limited online shop. The premium plan (6 EUR per month) includes a custom domain name and 50 GB of storage. Third pricing plan (12 EUR per month) is dedicated to large online stores and offers an unlimited storage.

Mozello was founded in 2015. The founders have provided all the capital, and all profits are reinvested into growth: the team works on constantly improving their product without compromising on its simplicity. This strategy allowed them to get over 40,000 active users and never fall below the annual growth rate of 70%. During the upcoming months, Mozello team plans to enter several new local markets.