One of the most important thing when having a business is making sure that your customers will come back to you. When it comes to e-commerce the issue is even bigger as the competition is tight. What customers pay attention to, besides the product itself or the prices, are all the other perks they may get. Antavo is offering a gamified loyalty management platform that will encourage your customers to stay with you longer.

The three co-founders who make the project possible are Attila Kecsmar, Gabor Csarnai and Zsuzsa Kecsmar. Attila Kecsmar is the CEO, who built up a successful IT agency, and wanted to turn to a more scaleable solution. He has a strong technical and product background with great people skills. He’d been working together with Gabor Csarnai, the CTO for years, who has a deep understanding of retail tech. Zsuzsa Kecsmar joined the team with a marketing eye, as a former journalist awarded by the European Commission and was listed by Forbes among the top 100 European tech female founders. She’s the one focusing on strategic partnerships.

“We started to work on Antavo in 2011 when it was a marketing software to run lead-generation contests and sweepstakes. But then we found out that our customers – mainly retailers – are facing one main and fundamental problem: even if they capture email addresses with contests and reach out to their customers, they can’t find a way to encourage people to become returning customers. After all, competition is tight, there is a price competition, and they need to offer a unique experience. In the end, loyal customers spend 10 times more during their lifetime, and this is what we decided to help with,” says Zsuzsa Kecsmar.

The answer to that was Antavo, a loyalty management platform for B2C retailers which allows you to run gamified loyalty programmes online, on mobile, and in-store. The platform is transparent and easy to navigate. It allows you to create programmes that fit you quickly and runs the programmes smoothly. You don’t even have to worry about changing your website, Antavo works seamlessly with Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify, and can also integrate with other platforms.

For your clients, Antavo means awards and client engagement. Activity on the website is promoted so your clients will get points not only for their purchases but also referring a friend or sharing what they love on social media. That’s how you not only retain customers you’ve got but also have a chance of getting new ones.

Unlike most companies, which focus on rewarding online purchases only, Antavo extended the mechanism of gamification to in-store and mobile purchases. Thanks to that the clients will have the feeling they’re always appreciated and they’re not missing out on anything. They’re always appreciated no matter whether they choose traditional shopping methods or make their purchases on their mobile devices instead.

To make it all possible Antavo has already raised two rounds of funding from Seedcamp and iEurope.

Antavo’s strategies definitely seem to work; it serves top retailers around the world, like Toys’R’US, Luisaviaroma and Björn Borg. The prices for the Pro version including all the modules and custom events start from $1,499/mo.